Blanca Deusdad

Designation: Associate Professor, Public University of Tarragona, Spain

PhD on Sociology (Univ. of Barcelona, UB, 2002) and Bachelor in Geography and History, speciality on Cultural Anthropology (UB, 1989). Postdoctoral Fulbright fellowship at Boston Univ. and Harvard Univ. (2003). Winner of XII Prize Batec for Research and Educational Innovation, with the work Migrant children in the school (2009). She teaches at the URV since 2009. Guest Editor of the Special Issue Journal of Social Service Research (2016), on aging and economic crisis. Coordinator of the Master on Medical Anthropology and Global Health, since 2016. Researcher in the COST Action IS1102 Social services, welfare state and places (2011-2016) and in the ongoing COST Action IS1402 Ageism, a multi-national interdisciplinary perspective. Member of the Chair UNESCO of Housing and the Chair UNESCO for the Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue, of the URV. She is currently is the Project Coordinator of the H2020 project SoCaTel. A Multi-stakeholder co-creation platform for better access to Long-Term Care services.