Paul Suijkerbuijk

Designation: Open Data expert Ministry of Interior, ICTU, Netherlands

Paul Suijkerbuijk is the driving force behind open data in the Netherlands. In this role, over the last few years he has managed to create an unprecedented momentum in the Dutch open data community, convincing governments to open up and share their data and optimizing the preconditions for open data to take off.

Paul is the founder of the dutch open data portal which is launched in beta in 2010. Currently is giving access to more than 10.000 open data sets in the Netherlands and still counting. Open data is about value, Paul is constantly challenging government, society and industry to work together to find this value. It can be social value, economical value or democratic value. However, the biggest value is on cooperation, finding new ways of working together to find innovative solutions.

Paul has a technical background in physics. Former projects of Paul are in the area of developing business architectures for customer contact. In this role Paul has been working for large companies in the Netherlands and a large group of public bodies in the Netherlands.